New Collection From Eighteen Forever: Check out the Full Collection Here


New Collection From Eighteen Forever:  Check out the Full Collection Here

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Wow what a year so far for The Number 1 Online Fashion Boutique for African Influenced and Inspired Apparel. has the pleasure of hosting over 50 international designers. We have designers from: Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Morocco, Canada, America, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Australia plus much more. 

African designs are fast becoming a staple item in the everyday wardrobe for Men and Women and with Spring/Summer now here this is the perfect time to start revamping your wardrobe. 

We have recently expanded our children collection showing that children can also enjoy the fabulous Prints and Colour of African Fashion. 

To Top it all off we ship WORLDWIDE……… 

Join us by celebrating African Fashion check out our designers:

StylesAfrik Salutes You Solange!

Greetings fabulous people, it has been a little while since our last check in and we have been busy creating a very special surprise for all our StylesAfrik shoppers! All will be revealed in due course..

It always gets us excited when we see sensational print outfits worn by our favourite celebrities, check out the wonderful ladies below..



However there is one female songstress who is not afraid to release her inner awesomeness, her name is Solange Knowles!

We have decided to dedicate this post as a tribute to SOLANGE’S INSPIRATIONAL STYLE JOURNEY!!!!!

Never knowingly under-dressed this Sister of a Diva is a complete epitome of pure ORIGINALITY! She is proving to be an accomplished fashionista and we love it!

(Let be known that she also has the BEST legs in the game!)

Printified Chic !

Sit back and relax as we relive an array of sass and style. Whether it’s her hairstyle or her shoe game it’s only right we salute this über cool minx.

Solange Trends A Casual Head-Tie Look With Ease!

Solange Trends A Casual Head-Tie Look With Ease!

We are digging the chunky stack heel, chunky necklace, infusion of black and white colours with oversize print blazer, she scores 100% StylesAfrik marks!


Absolutely Stunning! Where should we begin, the tie-dye blazer, or the cute Ankara print skirt? How about the leopard print wrist accessory?

Kente Inspired!

                                                              Kente Inspired!

A thorough Queen she is, Solange knows how to select the most regal patterns of them all!

solange african

Our undefeated print champion demonstrates how to team her baby doll bodice with a strikingly bright yet elegant maxi! Great Mix.


If ever you needed a reason to adore the tribal movement.. Now you have it!

Printed Dresses Galore

                                                                Print Dress Princess


So if you love all things print, tribal, geo-print, afro-fusion, Ankara, Kente just as much as our favourite  Knowles Sister then begin your shop over at! It is an absolute no brainer, with over 40 designers worldwide we stock a hub of variety for the entire family.

Happy Shopping 🙂