Summer Update…….New Designers, New Collections, New Image Summer Update.......New Designers, New Collections,  New Image

Hello Fashionista’s,

It’s been a while since we last updated you on our progress so we thought we would share some amazing news with you in regards some of the HOT new designers we have signed up this season.

1. Minimoroc: North African Childrenswear Designer – Bring Moroccan Style For Children into Mainstream Fashion.

This summer dress your little ones in Minimoroc. This fabulous North African collection captures the essence and culture of morocco. With fabulous embroidery and organic material at affordable prices let your little ones step out in style.

Check out the full collection on:

2. Missy Ewa: Shoes for the Shoeaholic

If you are shoeaholics like us then you will understand when we say “we have one in every colour” This new designer is amazing. With bold colour and prints and gorgeous designs your footwear will definitely stand out from the crowd and once again it’s at affordable prices.

Check out the full collection on:

3. Eighteen Forever: This young designer has won an award for Fashion Blogger of the Year at the BEFTA and has now launched her new clothing line.

What can we say if she won Fashion Blogger of the Year then it’s apparent to say she knows what she is talking about when it comes to fashion. Her high street designs and low prices are perfect for every day wear and great for those up and coming barbecues.

Check out the full collection on:

4. June Shop: European Fashion with Style

This designer hots our sites a couple of months ago with some explosive designs and what a variety you get as well. Check out her amazing jackets with a blend of Europe and Africa you can’t go wrong.

Check out the full collection on:

5. Jessique Designs: New Season Collection

This designer is one of best sellers with her sharp tailoring and beautiful finish her designs never cease to amaze us and are becoming increasingly popular. Her style is conservative but yet great for the occasions and nightlife.

Check out the full collection on:

Visit Stylesafrik today and shop from over 50 designes worldwide…


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